Main notes

Conifers & Incense

Scent inspiration

Bignor Hill Candle is enchanting with its captivating woody olfactory notes from conifers, luring you in with a piney, earthy scent with a sandalwood undertone.

Mingled with a fresh, clean aroma that is herbaceous and spicy from cypress. Evocative of the fresh mountain air filling your senses as you go up a wealth of natural beauty.

The scintillating heart of Bignor Hill Candle contains a clean, earthy smell with a hint of licorice from myrrh, adding a watery dimension to the accord.

The enveloping and unrefined base notes of opoponax exude themselves with a toffee sweet, fruit spicy, leathery aroma. Accompanied by the sweet, honey-like, and woody scent from incense, creating an almost tactile Spring hiking experience.

Location: Bignor Hill, West Sussex


Standing tall in West Sussex, providing a lung-busting challenge for walkers, runners, and riders, Bignor Hill with its wondrous views from the South Downs Way at the top will make any effort well worth it. Surrounding the awe-inspiring scenery is an old Celtic legend that a dragon had its lair on top of the hill.


Come night, this Dark Sky Reserve site is greeted by lights from countless suns, light-years away from our galaxy.



Lubien Candles Bignor Hill Hand poured candle London


Scent profile: Woody, Aquatic, Leathery


Top notes: Aldehyde accord, Conifers, Cypress

Heart notes: Myrrh, Watery accord

Base notes: Woody accord, Opoponax, Incense


Bignor Hill Premium Natural Candle


Each Lubien candle is made using the highest quality vegan-friendly rapeseed wax, unique blend of fragrance oils and lead-free cotton wicks.


It boasts a refined glass container, packed into a hand-made bespoke paper box with a velvety texture. The box that seamlessly unfolds and folds itself with the use of a silk ribbon.





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Dimensions N/A

Extra Large 3-wick, Large 3-wick

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We source our supplies with environment in mind. That’s why we made sure non of them came all the way from China or any other continent. Each ingredient below has been carefully selected from UK’s and European suppliers.

We don’t use soy or coconut wax to avoid taking part in deforestation of rainforests in the Amazon and South-East Asia.

Our packaging is handmade to last, from the finest materials. We hope you’ll love to keep it.

Here’s what we used to make your Lubien Candle:

  • 100% natural, vegan-friendly rapeseed wax,
  • high quality phtalate-free fragrance oil,
  • 3 natural lead-free wicks,
  • recyclable glass container,
  • durable card-based box.

Product weight

  • Large candle – approx. 380 g net/600 g gross weight
  • Extra large candle – approx. 500 g net / 750 g gross weight

Burn time

  • Large candle – up to 45 hours
  • Extra large candle – up to 60 hours


All of our candles are hand-poured which means there can be slight difference in their appearance. This should not affect the burning process.

Product dimensions

  • Large candle – H 8 cm, D 10 cm
  • Extra large candle – H 10 cm, D 10 cm
  • Lubien Box – H 11 cm, W 11 cm

Safety notice

Always refer to general candle safety guidelines when burning candles and keep away from children and pets. Never leave your candle unattended. Some ingredients used in candles may produce an allergic reaction. List of allergens can be found here.

Candle Care

How to look after your Lubien Candle

  • Trim the wicks to around 0.5 cm before each burn. Trimming the tips helps maintain clean and even burn without flame flickering and smoking the glass.
  • Place your candle on a secure, even, heatproof surface, away from draughts and away from the reach of children and pets. You should only use scented candles in well-ventilated rooms.
  • Keep the melt pool clean, clear of matches, wick trims and any other debris.
  • Always light up all the wicks.
  • The first burn is very important. Burn your candle until you reach a beautiful full melt pool but never longer than 4 hours. This will ensure even burn afterwards. Burning for shorter periods of time may cause your candle to ‘tunnel’ and significantly reduce the total burn time.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Always check the glass isn’t hot before handling it.
  • Use a snuffer to extinguish the flame. Do not blow it.
  • Do not move your candle with any melted wax Wait until it sets.
  • Close the candle in the box afterwards to avoid any objects getting inside the melt pool.
  • Reuse the glass and the box. To get rid of any wax residue on the walls, put the glass in the freezer overnight. The wax will expand and you will be able to remove it easily. Wash the container in the warm water with soap. Use it as a glass, bowl, vase, storage… As you wish!


Lubien Natural Premium Candles Hand-poured in Sussex
Lubien Natural Premium Candles Hand-poured in Sussex