Forest walk North Downs
1 March 2021

Candles, Memories and What Means the Most to Us in Life

Have you ever come across a scent that reminds you of a special, place, person or time in your life? It can be amazing how a specific scent can evoke a precious memory and take you right back in time.

Have you ever come across a scent that reminds you of a special, place, person or time in your life? It can be amazing how a specific scent can evoke a precious memory and take you right back in time. Here at Lubien, this is how we go about crafting our premium candles. We feel that candles should be much more than just pretty and sweet-smelling objects.

Based in West Sussex, our popular candles are part of our South Downs and North Downs ranges.

South Downs Candles

South Downs Premium Candles

The green, chalky and gently undulating hills of the South Downs eventually give way to a spectacular view of the sea. Once you have fallen in love with the South Downs, there is no turning back. Your heart will long to return, even years after you have last enjoyed its gentle, spring sunshine or moody autumnal mist. This special part of the world is very popular among those wanting to get away from the rat race and who simply wish to enjoy the beauty of nature.

As you hike through South Downs, your senses are treated to the invigorating, flowery, green and fruity scent in the air around you. This makes you wish you could somehow bottle it up and keep it forever. Our South Downs range of candles attempts to do just this. From the rich, leathery scent of Bignor Hill, through the sweet, soft, floral aroma of Arundel, to Ditchling Beacon’s powdery lemon notes and the musky and citrus perfume of Birling Gap they tantalize your senses and bring back the best memories.

North Downs Candles

Ightham Natural Premium Candle

The North Downs encompass everything that is beautiful, quaint and comforting about traditional English villages. Spending time in the picturesque villages of Brockham, Ightham, Coldharbour and Shere you feel right at home. It takes a lot to tear one away from these beautiful surroundings. Whether you enjoy unwinding in front of a crackling fireplace with a good book, eating a delicious meal in one of the area’s many fine dining establishments, or spending time with that special someone at a tiny inn, the North Downs is definitely medicine for the soul.

Allow yourself to be soothed by the musky, balsamic scent of Brockham Candle, which evokes images of cozy winter evenings. Our Shere candle is reminiscent of traditional, English country gardens in the springtime. With its heady lavender, geranium and petitgrain scents it overtakes your senses and takes you back to comfort.

The highest village in the south of England, Coldharbour is nestled in a valley and surrounded by mature trees that have a distinctive woody, fruity and slightly spicy aroma. The forested village of Ightham is the pride of Kent. Autumnal walks through the woods and strolls around the village evoke memories of this candle’s woody and aromatic herbaceous scents.

Keeping it local

Brockham Natural Premium Candle

Lubien is a proudly British business. The quality of the product, ethical business practice, simplicity and honesty are the cornerstone of everything we do. Our natural wax candles are lovingly hand-crafted. They aim to showcase and evoke special memories of the spectacular beauty of the Downs.

Giving the handmade gift of a Lubien candle is not just a kind and loving gesture. It is also a declaration of your love for one of Britain’s most beloved areas and your wish to share this with others. Lubien candles are crafted using only natural products that are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They do not contain GMO and are vegan-friendly. We aim to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible and fully believe in supporting local businesses and talent. Each candle’s pretty glass container and bespoke box can be reused (first prize) or, if desired, recycled.

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