Lubien Premium Natural Handmade Candle
Rapeseed wax natural candles
Lubien Premium Natural Wax Candles
Lubien Premium Natural Wax Candles
North Downs Natural Premium Rapeseed Candle
South Downs Natural Premium Rapeseed Candle

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Proudly supporting Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

We donate Β£1 from every candle to research&protection of bumblebees.

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Rapeseed Wax Natural Candle Lubien Candles

We use 100% natural rapeseed wax.
It's traditionally grown here in the UK and Europe and doesn't need to travel the ocean to get to you.


  • The natural wax (r)evolution – short history of candles
    The flickering flame and enticing aroma of a natural candle is hard to beat when it comes to making your home a cosy and welcoming place to be. Candles are as popular as ever and there’s a lot to love
  • Candles, Memories and What Means the Most to Us in Life
    Have you ever come across a scent that reminds you of a special, place, person or time in your life? It can be amazing how a specific scent can evoke a precious memory and take you right back in time.
  • Improving your home office with scents
    As humans have 450 different types of olfactory receptors, natural candles can be a great way to change an environment that is fast becoming charged with unpleasant energy, and to shift your perspective to one that encompasses a calmer and more centred approach, all through the simplicity of home fragrance.